Frequently Asked Questions

When is Twin Falls Lodge open?

The Twin Falls Lodge season begins in early May and lasts until September.


How do I get to Twin Falls Lodge?

There are two options to get to Twin Falls Lodge. You may fly-in to the lodge by float plane from Missinipe, SK or boat-in to the lodge from Missinipe or Stanley Mission, SK. Transportation to Missinipe and Stanley Mission can be arranged in a variety of ways. For more information on traveling to the lodge, please see our Traveling to Twin Falls Lodge page.


How do I make a reservation at Twin Falls Lodge?

Reservations for Twin Falls Lodge are made over the phone or by email. Please contact Randy & Lorraine Nelson (Twin Falls Lodge managers) at:

Phone: (306) 370-8946

Toll Free: (800) 667-9556

Email: twinfalls@adventuredestinations.ca


How far in advance should I make a reservation?

If you are looking for very specific dates, want to book in the peak fishing season or are booking with a large group, we recommend that you book at least a year in advance. If you are more flexible with your timing, we recommend that you contact us a few months in advance. Don't hesitate to contact us even if you don't book within those timeframes: we'll do our best to fit you in at any time!


Is bedding and linen provided in the cabins?

Yes, bedding and linen is provided.


Is there electricity?

Yes, there is electricity in camp.


Is there internet access?

Yes, there is internet access in the main lodge.


What are the bathroom and shower facilities like?

Each cabin has its own private, fully-modern bathroom and shower facilities.


Is there cell phone coverage at Twin Falls Lodge?

There is full cell phone coverage at Twin Falls Lodge.


What species of fish can I catch at Twin Falls Lodge?

Twin Falls Lodge is renowned for its walleye and northern pike fishing. If guests are interested in fishing for lake trout, we offer day fly-out excursions to a number of excellent trout lakes in the Churchill River region. Please see our Fishing section for more information.


What sort of fishing licence do I need?

Guests require a Saskatchewan fishing licence. These licences must be purchase online. Please visit the Saskatchewan Environment website to make the purchase. More information can be found on our Fishing Licences page.


What are the catch limits for the Churchill River region?

You may only have 5 northern pike, 4 walleye and 3 lake trout in your possession at any time. Please see our Catch Limits page for more information.


What are the "Portage Lakes"?

Twin Falls Lodge has access to three different lakes in the Churchill River region. The lakes are located a short distance off the Churchill River, are accessed by hiking portage trails and have excellent fishing. The lakes are equipped with boats and gas. For more information, please see our Portage Lakes page.


What kind of shape do I need to be in to access the portage lakes?

You must be capable of walking over uneven trails for up to half a kilometer to access the lakes.