Otter Lake


In reality, Otter Lake is a widening of the legendary and historic Churchill River. Over 150 islands, rocky reefs, deeply indented shorelines, numerous cliffs and expansive wetlands make for spectacular scenery, challenging navigation and excellent angling. Expect to see bald eagles, encounter the natural engineering of beavers, hear the cries of loons and - if you're lucky - you might even catch a glimpse of a moose during the rut!

Fish Species

Otter Lake and the Churchill River are home to large populations of northern pike, walleye and yellow perch. 


Otter Lake is our specialty - it's our "home lake" and the base camp for most of our outfitting services. 

We provide:

  • Fishing boats
  • Professional guides
  • Maps
  • Fishing equipment
  • Fish filleting services
  • ...and much more! 


Otter Lake is not only about fishing!

  • Otter Rapids: Make sure take the time to visit the historic Otter Rapids and portage trails of the old "Voyageur Highway".  Possibly the best known rapids on the Churchill River, these Class 3 Rapids extend uninterrupted for nearly 600m with some waves cresting over 2m high! Otter Rapids are best viewed from the bridge that crosses the rapids on Highway #2, from the portage trail that runs alongside the river-left shoreline or by boat at their outlet into Otter Lake.
  • Rock Paintings: Numerous Native American rock paintings can be found on the granite cliffs in Rattler Bay. Bring your camera!
  • Robertson and Twin Falls: These waterfalls are located at the outlet of Otter Lake into Mountain Lake. There's a campsite, shorelunch spot and scenic hiking trails which make for a great spot to take a mid-day break from fishing. You might even catch a glimpse of Twin Falls Lodge across the river!

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