Thompson's Camps is located on the shoreline of Otter Lake (in reality, a widening of the Churchill River). From our base camp on Otter Lake, guests have access to the legendary Churchill River, seven day fly-out lakes, three outpost camps and uncountable numbers of portage-in lakes and rivers. Looking for a variety of fish species? Walleye, northern pike, yellow perch and six species of trout (lakers, rainbows, brookies, brown, splake and tiger) can all be found around Thompson's Camps!

Otter Lake

Otter Lake is renowned for its strong season-long fishing and abundance of walleye and northern pike, many of which reach trophy size.

Day Fly-Out Excursions

Looking to relax in the comfort of Otter Lake Resort and chase some of the best lake trout, northern pike or walleye fishing in North America?  You choose the fish species and set the budget, we'll make it happen.

Outpost Camp Experiences

Interested in multi-day adventures to remote lakes in the Canadian shield?  Looking to chase arctic grayling, lake trout, northern pike or walleye (your choice), many of which reach trophy size?

Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike are found in Otter Lake and in 9+ Thompson's Camps fly-out lakes.

Walleye Fishing

Walleye are found in Otter Lake and in 5+ Thompson's Camps fly-out lakes.

Lake Trout Fishing

With 6+ fly-out lakes in the Thompson's Camps "Lake Trout porfolio", we can assure you of a world-class angling experience.

Ice Fishing

The lake is covered in ice for half the year! Why not see what the Churchill has to offer during the snowy season?

Catch Limits

Catch limits are important for maintaining a healthy fishery. Please be aware and follow current Saskatchewan catch limits.

Fishing Licences

Anglers in Saskatchewan must posses a Saskatchewan fishing licences. All fishing licences must be purchased through the Government of Saskatchewan's HAL system and should be purchased before arriving at Thompson's Camps.