Athabasca Sand Dunes - Most Northern Dunes in the World

The Athabasca Sand Dunes consist of a series of 8000 year-old sand dune fields stretching for about 100 km along the south shore of Lake Athabasca in northwest Saskatchewan.  This is the largest active sand surface in Canada and the most northernly sets of major sand dunes in the world!

Hunt/Lefty Falls - The Tallest Waterfalls in Saskatchewan

Hunt Falls (formerly known as Lefty Falls) is the largest waterfall in Saskatchewan. Located on the Grease River, the waterfalls are about 60m (180ft) across and about 15m (50ft) tall and are only accessible by float plane.

Common Island Spa - Luxury in Canada's Northern Wilderness

After a long day of battling legendary trophy fish on Selwyn Lake, return to our lodge where our registered massage therapists await.

Other Activities - More Than Just Fishing

In addition to phenomenal trophy fishing for lake trout, northern pike and arctic grayling, there are an assortment of other activities available for guests to participate in during their stay at Selwyn Lake Lodge.