Hickson Lake Outpost Camp

"Most scenic and closest trout fishing outpost."

    Hickson Lake Outpost Camp is the closest trout fishing outpost camp to Thompson's Camps Otter Lake Resort. Surrounded on all sides by incredible Canadian Shield scenery and numerous Native American Rock Paintings, this outpost camp is the perfect location to kick back and relax. Oh, did we mention the exceptional lake trout fishing only minutes away from the cabin?

    Quick Facts


    • 50 air miles north of Thompson's Camps

    Fish Species

    • Lake Trout
    • Northern Pike


    • six beds
    • one cabin
    • three boats
    • generator
    • BBQ, Grill
    • wood stove
    • kitchen pots, pans, utensils
    • fridge, deep freeze

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    For more information about Hickson Lake Outpost Camp, or to reserve a trip, please contact Thompson’s Camps at 1-800-667-5554 or email us at thompsons@adventuredestinations.ca.