Dead Lake Outpost Camp

"Our most popular outpost camp!"

    The Dead Lake Outpost Camp is the closest outpost camp to Thompson's Camps Otter Lake Resort - a short 12 minute flight, actually! The Dead Lake Outpost Camp is our most popular outpost camp. Fantastic facilities, a beautiful beach, excellent season-long walleye and pike fishing, reasonable rates - what's not to love?

    Quick Facts


    • 30 air miles north-west of Thompson's Camps

    Fish Species

    • Northern Pike
    • Walleye


    • eight beds
    • two cabins
    • six boats
    • generator
    • BBQ, Grill
    • wood stove
    • kitchen pots, pans, utensils
    • fridge, deep freeze
    • water treatment system
    • hot/cold water
    • shower house
    • beautiful beach

    For current pricing, please see our rates pages.

    For more information about Dead Lake Outpost Camp, or to reserve a trip, please contact Thompson’s Camps at 1-800-667-5554 or email us at