Northern Pike Fishing

Generally, northern pike are green to brown in overall color with milky-white bellies. Their flanks have white, bean-shaped spots extending from the gill cover to the base of the caudal fin. The large head of this fish is filled with numerous razor-sharp teeth. This native gamefish is found throughout the province and usually in abundant numbers in the most northern areas of Saskatchewan.

Ideally, pike prefer large, slow-moving, heavily vegetated rivers or the warm, weedy bays of lakes. Pike are generally found within the top five meters of a waterbody, especially in the spring and fall. During summer, pike will seek out cooler, deeper waters. Besides different forage or gamefish, pike will also consume aquatic invertebrates such as leeches, crayfish and freshwater shrimp. Small birds and mammals such as mice, muskrats and ducklings have also been known to frequent the diet if the pike. Although fish dominate their diet, pike will eat anything they can fit in their mouths.

Pike spawn early in April during the first signs of spring break-up. Their sticky eggs are broadcast in small numbers over flooded grasses or submerged vegetation upon which they remain and incubate.

Suggested Tackle for Northern Pike Fishing

We suggest using 15 to 20 lb. fishing line with any reel that will hold heavy line. 6 to 7 ft. medium action rods are recommended. 12" steel  leaders work best.

For tackle we suggest using the legendary Len Thompson Red & White spoon along with the Yellow 5-of-diamonds spoons. Spinner baits, top water plugs and crank baits will also work well for pike fishing in northern Saskatchewan.

At Which Outpost Camp Can I Fish for Northern Pike?

Northern Pike can be found at the following Outpost Camps: