Frequently Asked Questions

What are the outpost camps?

The Canadian Fishing Outpost Camps are a group of wilderness camps located on remote, fly-in fishing lakes. The camps can accommodate between 4 and 12 people and are supplied with boats, motors, gas and a host of other amenities. The camps are operated by Thompson's Camps Otter Lake Resort.


How do I get to the outpost camps?

The outpost camps are all accessible by float plane only. Guests must travel to Thompson's Camps Otter Lake Resort (in Missinipe, Saskatchewan) . At Thompson's Camps Otter Lake Resort you will board a float plane and fly to your destination camp. The float plane will pick your group up at the end of your stay and transport you back to Missinipe.


Is food provided at the outpost camps?

Food is typically not provided at the outpost camps. While most groups opt to bring their own food, Thompson's Camps can provide food for your group if adequate notice is given.


Is bedding and linen provided at the outpost camps?

Bedding and linen is not provided at the outpost camps. Guests must bring their own sleeping bags.


Is there power at the outpost camps?

Yes. There are diesel generators provided at each outpost camp.


Is there treated water at the outpost camps? How about heated water?

There is a water treatment system and heated water at Dead Lake.


Is there cell phone coverage at the outpost camps?

No, the outpost camps are outside of cell phone coverage. A satellite phone is provided at each camp in case of emergencies.


Are there caretakers or guides available for the outpost camps?

Yes. Caretakers and guides can be arranged for your stay at the outpost camp. However, we require adequate notice before your trip in order to arrange these services.


What species of fish can I catch?

Each outpost camp lake offers different species of sportfish - arctic grayling, lake trout, northern pike, or walleye. Please see our Outpost Camp Overview for a guide to the fish species at each outpost camp. Or, see our Fishing pages for an overview of each sportfish species and which outpost camp they can be found at.


What sort of fishing licence do I need for the outpost camp lakes?

You will require a Saskatchewan Fishing Licence. With the exception of Dead Lake and Hickson Lake, all of our outpost camps are in the Northern Zone. The Northern Zone requires the purchase of annual fishing licences. All licences must be purchase online. For more information, please see the "Saskatchewan Fishing Licences" link at the top of our website or visit the Government of Saskatchewan Fishing Licences website.


Which outpost camp has the best fishing?

Each outpost camp has exceptional fishing, but we give the prize to Bill's Lake Outpost Camp. The incredible populations of all four major northern sportfish (grayling, trout, pike and walleye) in one small lake is truly phenomenal.


Which outpost camp is best suited for large groups?

Dead Lake is the best suited Outpost Camp for larger groups.